Choosing between Tablets, Hybrids and Notebooks

The world is getting faster and better each day in terms of technology. The same task we required from huge computers back in the day can now be dealt by small computers that have many different forms. There are several different types of devices that you may need for your everyday use. These devices also include the mini computers that have taken over the web by storm these days and can provide you with an amazing value both in price and in terms of performance. However, choosing between these amazing devices is the real pain in the back.

So, the first thing you need to do is determine which devices suits you perfectly. There are three main options that you can choose from: Notebooks - This is perhaps the most chosen form of computer, and why shouldn't it be? It has an affective value to it.
Tablets - A small and lightweight touch device that can be referred to as a monstrous smartphone.

Hybrids - A hybrid is the newest creation that has hit the market like a love shot which can perform both the options of a tablet and a notebook.

Each of these devices come with a purpose of its own and should only be bought by people who need it. It is a waste of money to get more than one of these devices when you don't want to use it. Get something which works for you instead of wasting your money. People usually don't know how to differ between these devices which is why we're providing you with factors that you need to keep a close eye on in case you want to determine between these devices:

Keyboard Size

A tablet has the ability to be attached to a keyboard and used easily and Hybrids come with a keyboard however because of their smaller screen size they have smaller keyboards as well. It takes a little while to get used to the keys. If you're a working man that needs to start typing ASAP, I think getting the notebook would be a better solution. Try typing up full pages again and again on the tablet or hybrid to understand the key placement.


Usually most hybrids and tablets have memory capacity that is way less than a notebook at the very same price point. For a man that requires more storage, you need to make sure that you carry external hard drives. For selecting the right hard drive always look for the best storage option that you need. You can easily do that by calculating the amount of storage that you need and then multiplying it by 2. So if you think 20 GB storage hard drive would be perfect for you, get a 40 GB hard drive instead. The money difference won't really be that much.


Any of the devices that you choose, you need to make sure that there is a WiFi connectivity option included in it. This way you won't have any problems in the connectivity area as that will be all you need. When away from a network, you need to make sure that there is a mobile network access that can help you connect to the internet. Notebooks offer great connectivity options in this department. You can even get the option to connect to LAN networks which means that you will easily connect at any place. You even have the option to transform your 3G connection into a portable hotspot to which you can connect your computer very easily.


When it comes to performance, notebook easily wins the race. Even if you got the best tablet, there will always be a notebook in the same price range that can easily defeat the performance by a wide range making it the best option for you. But the key thing to consider is the type of performance that you need from your device. If you are an app-maniac and love to play through many applications on a daily basis, you need to have a device that has enough memory to control that requirement. Likewise, if you don't need applications that much and only use even just one application daily, this will be something that can allow you to choose in smaller performance devices that can carry out other purposes that you may feel are important. For higher performances in every task, Notebooks are definitely the first choice. For medium level performances with more options, tablets and hybrids can work out just fine.


There are three huge attributes that you need to focus on when it comes to Screen which are the size, quality and the resolution. The size of the screen will obviously be equal to the size of the device but this is something that can affect your screen resolution and quality drastically. If you want me to put it out simply, the higher the screen size will be, the better you will find the resolution and quality to be.

One more aspect that you need to realize if you're looking for a touch screen and trust me this is a very important point to consider. For all the tablet and hybrid devices, this will be something that will be included, however for notebook devices it is a very optional upgrade. Since Windows 8 and Windows 10 both provide UI that enables touch users to use apps and other options very easily, we may be looking at a new revolution where even notebooks would get touch screen options.

So, this way you will have the ability to determine between the devices that you need. Make sure you analyze each of the points very carefully as these are the points that will determine how you will be picking out the device of your choice. The best thing you can do is ask a tech freak what you should get for yourself. Choose wisely and enjoy the device that you choose. Make the most out of your device!