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Groupware e-Gru

Free corporate web based groupware for any business that needs cheap, reliable groupware service. Secure database, fast server. No trial periods, no hosting fees, absolutely free!

– Effective communication between employees!

– Get opinion from other groups.

– Share different ideas from other groups.

– Cost effective production by time management

– Confirmation of schedules and sharing of
information with other companies or clients.

Groupware e-Gru is a groupware that was developed in Japan five (5) years ago. It’s been widely used in Japan as a simple business solution to most of the successful companies there. It can monitor your employee’s activities, and at the same time, share resources to help improve your employee’s productivity. Best part of it is, it’s free to use! It is very useful for small businesses that demands better productivity. Plus, the free version never expires!

e-Gru updates
17th Oct 2007

JX Cyber Tech Corp. has move to a new location in Mandaluyong, Philippines to serve you better.

23rd may 2007 – New feature implemented:

Added new usability function. Default language for every individual user can now be modified by his own preferences. Also added, the groupware manager has the option to set his own preferred language and/or override the language settings for the whole Groupware e-Gru account.

18th may 2007 – New feature implemented:

Added new feature: Daily Attendance. You can know your employees or users within your group regarding their attendance and track their performances. This feature is visible on your Groupware e-Gru schedules tab.

27th january 2007 – Groupware e-Gru officially published:

Groupware e-Gru is up. Free version is up, you can try it free with no trial expiration. Enjoy all features with a 5MB webspace and advertisement support. For those who purchased additional webspace, you can enjoy Groupware e-Gru with the same features plus no ADs! Feel free to send us feedbacks or comments through our email [email protected] Thank you very much for your support.